Friday, 22 February 2013


It's been almost a year since I posted here, so it's doubtful that too many folks are still perusing these pages, but I wanted to put at least a placeholder here for anyone stumbling across this erstwhile outlet for my music ramblings.

Though my burning passion to spread great music continues unabated, the spaces in which I choose to share it have morphed considerably.

The following reasons, to my mind, would seem to feed into this:

  • MP3 blogging largely passed out of usefulness with the advent of Spotify and other streaming services, at least for my ends. Why waste time shifting digital files around between devices, taking up valuable hard drive space, when the "celestial jukebox" will serve it up at the touch of an app?
  • My son Benjamin and my new job happily came along during the middle of 2012, leaving time for "fun writing" at a minimum.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of music blogs, possibly even millions by now. Although I love the outlet that H-T-A has afforded me since I fired it up in 2008, I didn't feel I was offering anything all that unique.I suppose I preferred to scale back rather than add to the noise, in some respects.
  • In the absence of MP3s being a suitable long term sharing mechanism for music, I wasn't sure which channels would replace them. YouTube vids? Haphazard quality. Soundcloud/Bandcamp embeds? Possibly, but not ubiquitous for every artist. Spotify links? Too early to have a big enough user base, at least at this time last year.
My discussions about music and new artists are now fragmented across social media and my Spotify inbox, which has served me surprisingly well in finding recommendations and sharing my own. Although I have no firm plans to resurrect a hub for these activities, I do see integration as being a big theme for online content this year, so there is every chance that things will coalesce back into some regular writing.

Until then, tweet your favourite new music to me @AboveTheStatic or read my more marketing-oriented music writing here. See you on the other side. 

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