Sunday, 12 February 2012

Track Tricks: James Vincent McMorrow

Track Tricks is a completely whimsical feature, appearing only when an individual song moves my mind to deep thought. If you don't see it for a while, the music I'm listening to isn't good enough, so do me a favour and pop me some recommendations: @HeavierThanAir

James Vincent McMorrow's quietly contemplative ode to the simple things in life - those elemental pleasures to which all of us have access, yet few of us appreciate often enough - is an exercise in understated glory.

It's a track that has a distant melancholy floating around it, though the main thrust of the song revels in an optimist's world view. Lyrics such as "I'd rather be working for something, than praying for the rain" and "if I were you, my friend, I'd have a little trust", delivered in a hushed, serene lilt, shine a light on the darker parts of your day. 

Carried along on the barest of keys and lightest of percussion, neat little instrumentation additions pepper the song, lending poignant moments that extra depth. Take the faint triangle that skips in around 3.30, keeping the genteel heart of the song alive just as things begin to take a heavier turn. The redemption from that brief nadir, singing the same refrains but with a greater gusto, is cheered on by a confident drum, offering all the support needed to power on to a rousing crescendo.

It's a simple power that 'We Can't Eat' holds, connecting quickly and deepening with every listen. The subtle suggestions that creep into each subsequent listen are a joy to allow unravel into your consciousness, forging an ever stronger bond between the song's message and your own interpretation of it.

In that lies the power of the individual track and the unique quality that I'll be seeking out for this feature in future editions. Where do you find it?

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