Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Our Favored Kid

A brief nod today to those most vibrant of modern hardcore chaps, Winnipeg's Comeback Kid. The new video for 'Do Yourself a Favor' being the occasion. 

It's a fierce run through of one of the best songs on 2010's 'Symptoms & Cures', one of my favourites of that year. In the classic tradition of hardcore videos, there's a ripping live performance of the song, replete with sweat, flailing limbs, and all manner of testosterone-fueled mayhem. 

Comeback Kid are, quite simply, one of the most consistent bands in contemporary heavy music, both for quality of songs and execution of that tricky old balance, melody vs brutality. If you haven't spent much time with their music, I'd urge you to delve deeper here or on Spotify.

This also affords me the chance to tell you about Shirts For A Cure, which is a great way to combine your love of raging hardcore/post-hardcore/metal with a project that seeks to help those less fortunate than many with their health care costs. If you're into the likes of Hot Water Music, Braid, and indeed Comeback Kid (as many of you reading most likely should be), snap up a shirt and give something back at the same time. Winning, indeed. 

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