Saturday, 14 January 2012

Keep It Simple, Stupid

That particular business lingo acronym (K.I.S.S.) always struck me as unnecessarily abusive, given its intended goal of focusing attention on a core point. 

One need not linger long on the derogatory, however, when The Shins are back in building and spreading their gloriously buoyant indie pop into our lives once more. 

  Simple Song by The Shins

Without straying too far from their plenty successful methodology of elastic guitar melodies, stretching nonchalantly across twee piano interludes and the welcoming vocal of James Mercer, the Portland crew return with this their first cut from the next album 'Port of Morrow'. Set for March, it slides neatly into my "Eagerly Anticipating"category for this new year, as well as offering up the first ear candy of 2012.

After some bemused rambling on my part over on friend-of-HTA Alejandra O'Leary's blog, as I struggled to identify my more contemporary recommendations for the latter half of 2011, it's interesting to note that my mood has shifted again. Rather than continue to seek out older gems on Spotify, I find myself bemoaning the lack of new releases to dig into for this here year. Accordingly, The Shins appearing with new material this early on has been something of an oasis in the musical desert that is/was the holiday season. 

Confirmed for Coachella this Spring, we'll be seeing and hearing plenty more from Mercer & co in the coming months. Start feeding your appetite with a few spins of this tune and a little more info on the new release here


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