Saturday, 31 December 2011

5 New Year Songs You Probably Don't Want To Hear For New Year's

Happy New Year! 

Almost, if you're in the US. Past, if you're back home in Blighty or beyond the Prime Meridian.

Wherever it is, chances are you've heard everything from the sublime to the supremely cheesy, in terms of the music that's ringing in 2012. 

So, in answer to the latter - as well as the Christmas and Chanukah spins on this idea that have gone before me, from Dan Perez and Marlene Lipson - here are 5 tunes that probably won't raise your New Year cheer...

GLASSJAW - 'Pretty Lush'

"I wish you a broken heart and a Happy New Year." 
Chances are Mr Palumbo wasn't having a fabulous calendar change when he penned this.

THURSDAY - 'Jet Black New Year'

"Like calendars dying at New Year's Eve parties. 
As we kiss hard on the lips and swear: this year will be better then the last."
Slightly more redemptive, as this day has the potential to allow, but no less heinous of a year gone by for the Thursday lads. Helluva tune, either way.

KATATONIA - 'The Longest Year'

"How cold is the flame of our uncompromising future? How cold is the sun?" 
As much as I adore their music, Katatonia probably shouldn't soundtrack any of your celebrations, to be honest.


"I am going to make it through this year if it kills me.
Let's face it, if that's all the optimism one can muster for a New Year's resolution, the coming twelve months are looking rough.

MUSE - 'Apocalypse Please'

"Declare this an emergency. Come on and spread a sense of urgency...this is the end.
There's nothing like a reminder that the world is going to end to kill (pun intended) your New Year buzz.

...but I can't end what has been a grand old year on a bum note, so here's a good time indie rock anthem from the ever-reliable The Walkmen. Welcome, 2012!

THE WALKMEN- 'In The New Year'