Thursday, 17 November 2011

Lost Gems: Takota - The Ivory Tower

Here's a bizarre one; a fairly recent album that I've simply been unable to locate, even as a legal download (or, hello 2011, a Spotify stream). 

Following a series of roundly positive reviews, quite a feat considering some of them referenced 80's soft rock balladeers Toto, Takota seemed to disappear from the face of the planet, along with any last copies of debut LP 'The Ivory Tower'.

Irregardless (I know that's not a word. If you didn't, do take note), I've still had the joyful crescendos of 'City Drugs' pop up every time I spin my 'Anthems of 2006' playlist on my battered but beloved 4th gen iPod.

TAKOTA - 'CITY DRUGS' [Cheers, random YouTube bloke]

This song (and, I assume, the full album) has one of those vocals that forces your pulmonary system to push that little bit harder. As it soars to the heights of the song's chorus, it barely matters of what the singer speaks, as the delivery is just that powerful. 

Aside from that worrying thought that he must have his nackers in a clamp to hit those high notes, it's a perfectly joyous listening experience.


And, somewhere, there's most likely a full album of such belters that I'll potentially never hear...

...ah well, back to those 2006 anthems, I suppose. Thank goodness for obsessive music nerd list-itis.

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