Thursday, 15 September 2011

TuneThursday: To Bury A Ghost

Oh, how the days do fly by....

Here's a track that prompted me to post, however - and, more impressively, wrenched me temporarily from an obsessive exploration of PJ Harvey's back catalog - from spirited, soaring Brit post-rockers To Bury A Ghost

To Bury A Ghost - Dancing With Epileptic (Demo) by TOBURYAGHOST

Positively bursting with dynamic energy, 'Dancing With Epileptic' opens with a celestial reflection that would have made Aereogramme proud, had they lived longer. It moves on through various passages, some swelling with grandiose vocals a la Muse, others focusing on the shimmering guitars, which carry an Explosions In The Sky quality. Crucially, the transitions between the contrasts are applied masterfully, conjuring a majestic and orchestral end product that rages as effectively as it reflects.

All of which comparisons merely serve to underline that this band from the East Midlands are capable of punching well above their early career weight and may well have something special up their sleeves, whenever a full album should see the light of day.

Not only is this particular gem available as a limited time free download, you can also pick up their debut EP, 'The Hurt Kingdom', here on Bandcamp. Whatever musical research bent you're currently undertaking, take 10 minutes out and have a listen to these chaps. Your time will be rewarded. 

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