Thursday, 29 September 2011

In Retrospect... The Ghost Of A Thousand

All too often, I have cause to remember an album I really enjoyed by a fledgling British band at the start of their career, only to find upon updating myself with their current whereabouts that they've split. Usually only a month or two prior to my resurgent interest. 

Step forward The Ghost Of A Thousand, whom I add to the list of Dub War, Pulkas, Aereogramme, earthtone9 (at least they returned), and so many others before them.


Let's keep it short and sweet: The Ghost Of A Thousand were, briefly, one of the most promising punk/rock/hardcore groups in Britain.

Their 2007 debut, 'This Is Where The Fight Begins', was appropriately titled in hindsight, prompting a rapid charge to the forefront of British hardcore. With its razor sharp guitars and feral vocal delivery, it leaps out at you right away. What separated it from its peers - and indeed still does - is how very memorable the songs are and the fact that it sustains the quality throughout a full LP. There are standout tracks as with many of these acts...'Left For Dead' and 'Bored of Math' spring to mind...but TGOAT extended the full force of their songwriting to the entire release.


It's only this year that I've caught up with 2009's 'New Hopes, New Demonstrations', which signals a more rock n roll-tinged direction but yields none of the riotous energy that made them stand out in the first place. It might not be quite the furious hardcore that makes the debut a must-repeat listen for me, but it certainly feels like they were developing into quite the confident and dynamic act. 

Unfortunately, The Ghost Of A Thousand called it quits in March of this year and played their final set at the Hevy Festival last month. The best hope is, as ever when bands we love split, that the members move on to create equally (or more) inspiring music in their next projects. No word on that yet, as far as I can see, but be bloody well sure that I'll be playing closer attention next time around. 

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