Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Tune For Tuesday: #shels

Many moons ago....

...wait! Come back. This isn't a long, rambling old duffer's tale....

...a band by the name of Mahumodo stalked the rolling hillsides of England's green and pleasant land. 

More accurately, they toured the toilet venues of said land, yet were worthy of renown nonetheless, given their penchant for beautiful, winding instrumentation set atop heavy, serrated metal riffs and the evocative shriek of one Mehdi Safa.

This, however, was all turn of the century stuff and the band petered out before they'd really begun, releasing only a handful of lovingly crafted EP's and fracturing off into various other post-metal (for want of a better term) acts. Most notably Devil Sold His Soul, who have always interested, yet rarely moved, me musically. 

  *shels - Journey to the Plains by shelsmusic

*shels, however, have picked up the baton of potential from their Shakespearean former selves and run clear out of the stadium with it. Fronted once more by the mercurial Safa, the band hinted at the possibilities on 2007's 'Sea of the Dying Dhow' but have really come into their own on recent release, 'Plains of the Purple Buffalo'

The track that I present to you here opens said new album in grandiose fashion, announced by soaring trumpets before quickly lulling into a quiet brood, pondering where to burst forth next. It finds that moment a little over three minutes later, when Isis-like guitar lines weave up and around distant growls, as tentacles from a giant mythical sea creature, rising from beneath the waves to envelop and slowly crush unsuspecting seafarers above. 

The full glory of the reverberating tremolo to the guitar work, circling the fiery thunder of the rhythm section, really needs to be taken in on strong headphones to be properly appreciated. And it's worth the price of admission (which is, well, free, but you understand...) all on its own. 

From this track the album steps forth into the sonic journey it so ably chronicles, voyaging into territory that warrants a full review to appreciate. This is the perfect track to get you acquainted, though. 

Mahumodo is long dead; long live *shels.

Learn more through their artist collective site, shelsmusic.

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