Sunday, 28 August 2011

Rock You Like A Hurricane

It's an odd situation, planning for a catastrophic storm for days on end. 
Especially so when the prevailing weather is gorgeous and the only previous example of similar meteorological carnage in this region occurred back when old Adolf was up to no good. 

Nonetheless, we find ourselves cramming our fridges with bottled water, watching endless weather reports on television, and trying to figure out just how to keep the cat away from her favourite window of those might not be a universal problem, admittedly.

But there's also a lot of waiting - and watching - once all the preparation is complete, waiting that needs to be sound tracked by a suitably oxymoronic mix of the optimistic and apocalyptic.

At least it does in my head, so here we go with some of the better tunes to help you ride out the waves / contemplate total oblivion, subject to your own particular preference...

Ride - In A Different Place

"Even if the rain falls down, and all the sky turns cold,
I will feel fine.
Thunder roared and lightning flashed, 
But you and I are in a different time." 

R.E.M.- End of the World As We Know It

"That's great, it starts with an earthquake... 
 Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn,
World serves its own needs, regardless of your own needs."

Frank Turner - The Fastest Way Back Home

"I should have seen you coming, 

I should have been prepared.

After all, getting half of what you wish for isn't so rare."

Muse- Time Is Running Out

"Now that you know I'm trapped,

Sense of elation.

You'd never dream of breaking this fixation."

Aereogramme Exits

"It's not my choice to be here

There's been a little mood.

I've never found an exit,

and I doubt I'll find one soon."

And here are a few bonus MP3's that should also fit a stormy mood...

MP3: Prints - Too Much Water

MP3: Tapes n Tapes Freak Out

MP3: My Brightest Diamond - Something of an End

MP3: Nickel Creek - The Lighthouse's Tale

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