Sunday, 7 August 2011

Road Trip Reflections Pt I: Music For Mountains

Rather than extend the break in posts here ever longer during my road tripping in New England, I thought I'd pump out some music-related reflections and rambling inspired by the journey...

Trapp Lodge: Stowe, Vermont

Knowing, before we set off from upstate New York, that mountains would be forthcoming, I set about cobbling together a Spotify playlist suitable for the undulating Green Mountain state roads. Here's what I conclude after a day's driving:

  • Spotify kicks arse, even in the remote mountains, due to the smart and smooth 'Offline' mode available via the mobile phone app.
  • Sludge heavy rock with elephantine riffs - see: Karma To Burn, Kylesa - propels a vehicle ever faster, more confidently through the climbs and 'notches'.
  • Light weight, bouncy tunes, though ripe for most summer driving, offer less when such epic scenery surrounds you.

  • Perhaps it's just coming away from such a relentless, unforgiving environment as New York City, but there's a purity of thought and refreshing inspiration that arises from being in lush green surroundings such as these. The same has washed over me in Europe on recent trips home, though, so maybe there's more to it than a simple vacation from the 'big smoke'?

Anyone ever been to Burlington, VT or the surrounding area? If you read this in the next day or so, fire out your music recommendations in the comments or over on Facebook, why don't ya?

And driving through sun-drenched, narrow and winding mountain roads, what would you have blaring from the car stereo?


Jay Saenz said...

I had never heard Thirty Four before, thats pretty freaking awesome.

pimalai said...

Those were great music recommendations. As for me I would love to hear Gin Blossoms songs if I go on a road tripping in New England. I love those mountains.