Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Ramble On: Fairweather Academy Travel Further

Travels have been very much the order of the month here recently, so it seems only fitting to return to normal programming with the further exploits of Fairweather Academy and their "Well Traveled Man".

A musical (and artistic) journey that I first previewed earlier this summer, the story is now furthered significantly with journal entries and a brand new music video, premiered last week on the rather dandy Crack In The Road blog.

Produced by Mark Doubleday, there are plenty of nifty little passages here, such as the vocals from Nate of Solomon's Hollow - a longstanding H-T-A favourite - on the final verse, and Dave Wood of the band TEENS playing assorted percussion.

MP3: Fairweather Academy - A Well Traveled Man Pt. II

What's so very compelling - aside from the music, which now sweeps along where before it was cautiously pensive - is piecing together the various elements of content that Matt Dalley and Jay Saenz are using to accompany their aural journey. 

Flick through the journal entries, updated every couple of weeks, and you'll find thoughts, reflections, images, literature...all elements that add to the allure of the songs themselves. It's an artistic jigsaw puzzle that shows what can be achieved by creators embracing the digital era. Your throwaway hit pop, this is not.

Join yer man on his travels...what's your take on this journey?


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