Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Poison, The Remedy: The Joys of The Vaccines

Should you have the deep misfortune to spend any time at all in the vicinity of my social network ramblings - Facebook / Twitter / Google+ / LastFM ... social media slag that I am - you'll have noticed that I've recently been unable to contain my gushings about London mob The Vaccines.

"What's so special?", you chorus? Good question....not sure how to answer it, either.

In all truthfulness, The Vaccines don't blow you away with huge chops, monolithic production, or some deeply ingrained conceptual malarkey. What they do - and to strikingly sharp, immediate effect - is pen succinct, addictive nuggets of vaguely punk-inflected indie rock, in a manner not entirely removed from the halcyon days of The Replacements and their kin.

And most importantly?  After a single spin, many of these tunes from their debut album, 'What Did You Expect From the Vaccines?', have set up camp in your brain space and will hang on to this new land with the tenacity of a squatter in an abandoned mansion.

Only now really hitting US shores, these chaps have enough proximity to the likes of Interpol and Editors to cross into the more moping indie circles ('Wetsuit'), as well as balls-to-the-wall rockers ('Wreckin' Bar', 'Norgaard') to attract more traditional alternative rock minds such as my own. The ticks in the 'plus' column are many but I need to write a full review at some point, so I'll save the superlatives and allow the music to speak for itself, as the best stuff always should. 

The band hit the stage back home at the massive old Reading & Leeds festivals this weekend, followed by another jaunt our way in late September/early October, when they'll play both Brooklyn and Manhattan. Visit the website for full details and more tunes

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