Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tune For Tuesday: BOBBY

Almost trance inducing, the search engine awkward BOBBY weave multi-layered sonic tapestries on their self titled debut. 

To introduce new listeners to their woozy world many tracks would suffice, so I've gone with this one....

MP3: BOBBY - Ginger (Water Birth) (via Insound)
Taken from the new s/t album, out now

Buy it at Insound!

It's difficult to really pin down the sonic comparisons of this largely Massachusetts-founded septet, though their contemporaries would certainly include the various solo offshoots of Animal Collective members. Better to  explain the glorious build of this particular song, originating in a calm pool of serenity, flowing into a meandering stream that swirls with textures and colour, before finally bursting its banks to flood the senses with tempestuous percussion and dizzying, looped effects.

Odd, giddy, and entirely of their own sky high realm, BOBBY craft songs that envelop the senses and leave one disorientated in the best possible way. Miles away from the catchy sunshine fare that many crave around this time of year, this is, nonetheless, music perfectly suited to losing the day in a dense wall of sound and humidity.

For more info, check out: www.bobbytheband.com/

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