Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Stream Away: Albums of the Moment

We're ploughing headlong into the summer release rush just now, meaning there are many splendid albums vying for your ear time. How to choose what makes it onto your iPod/phone/retro Walkmen knock off player...??


There are more and more sites committing themselves to pre-release album streams, meaning those of us that still dole out our hard-earned on recorded music can easily preview our purchases, without all that download/delete palaver. 

You still need to know where to go, though, so here are some of the sites and songs of the moment, at least according to this rambling, restless Briton:

Spinner by AOL

Pages and pages of full new releases up to, err, spin here. Not least amongst them the quirky new Battles number and the deliciously languid, summery Dawes album, both worth a good dig into on your next listening foray.

Firm favourite Bandcamp obviously has many full freebies streaming at any given moment...I'm currently making the most of the intricate, distant delights of Forks Of Ivy's 'Foxfeel' release. You can too

Always a mixture of free music downloads and full album streams over at Spin, where I'm currently focused on the new Rosebuds effort (courtesy of a heads up from good music matey sPikeR!). It's a beautiful indie-pop with a shining exterior yet chronicling the break up of the divorced couple behind the band's music. Definitely one of depth and character to dig into, before you explore the rest of the site for free tunes.

How about your good selves? Where are you finding the exciting new tunes before you commit them to your digital lockers?

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