Thursday, 19 May 2011

Time For Ambition, As earthtone9 Return To Action

A full summary post of all the cool business my ears came across on the return home is in the works for this weekend (SO many tunes to fit into one post), so let's just focus on the brand spanking new material from returning heroes (to me, at least) earthtone9.

Entitled 'The Tide of Ambition', it's a suitably pulsing, vicious track interspersed with the melodic, semi-soothing vocals of Karl least until he relents to inner urges and unleashes that fearsome roar again. 

MP3 (Download Widget): earthtone9 - The Tide of Ambition 

It seems impossible that almost a decade has gone by and, yet, these chaps can get  back together and resume such a tight knit, forward-thinking sound. The full release is funded and ready to go, so I'll be catching up properly with that in the coming weeks. 

I missed the return concerts happening this week but the hope is that the band will continue to go from strength to strength this time around. If you love and live British metal, you can help keep that hope alive by supporting this release

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