Tuesday, 31 May 2011

H-T-A EXCLUSIVE: New Music/Video from Fairweather Academy

Last year, I had the great pleasure of becoming hastily acquainted with the work of Solomon's Hollow, whose 'Genre Studies' release was an exercise in the soothing beauty of stripped-down acoustic guitar. Also worthy of note was that both this release and its predecessor were made available entirely free by the good folks at Barn Owl Records.

Well, after being busy behind the scenes for the first half of 2011, those same fine chaps have another treat, exclusive to the readers of this humble online music organ. 

MP3: Fairweather Academy - A Well Traveled Man Pt. I 
Taken from the first in a series of songs and media to be released in support of 'A Well Traveled Man'.

Musically, the first release from Fairweather Academy feels like a more reflective, less apocalyptic take on early Murder By Death, with the ominous influence of the cello and swooping viola adding great depth to the sound. Setting off gently, the song bursts into life atop anxious drums and proceeds to ebb and flow across an all too short four minutes, whetting the appetite for part II to come.    

Committed to wider artistic ends, the band have created the first video (directed by Joshua R. Malan, who will also direct the final installment) to accompany what will be a series of song releases. The series will also feature journal entries composed by fiction writer Joshua Hale and a new video for each song released, setting up a variety of media supporting the concept behind the music.

According to founding member Jay Saenz - drawn in to play with other founder Matt Dalley after several promising early jam sessions at Boise State University - "Our aim is to create a natural, cohesive progression through the story", which seeks to chronicle the experiences of an individual moving through various stages of life.

You can follow the twists and turns of what promises to be an intriguing journey, including the aforementioned journal entries due from Friday, via both these here pages and the music release page over at Barn Owl Records. You can also be an early adopter by liking the Fairweather Academy's Facebook page and/or following on Twitter.   

These adventurous concepts and creative collaborations to spread music into wider artistic communities resonate well here and, I believe, provide an intriguing take on how the digital age has toppled boundaries for creators. Hopefully you agree, check out these releases, and share your thoughts accordingly on any of the various social media above.

Stay tuned for more...


Dianna said...

I'm captivated ;) AMAZING song!!!

ReW* said...

i am a GiaNT FAN & look forward to more & more from Fairweather Academy yay... :)

zidered said...

Cheers folks, I can't wait to deliver more from these talented peeps.