Thursday, 12 May 2011

Back to Blighty, Back to Biffy (Clyro)

Journeying back home to England in the last few days has given me a chance to catch up with some long overlooked Brit acts (Brooklyn can be something of a musical bubble, if you weren't already well aware). The first - and most far reaching - of these artists is Scottish outfit Biffy Clyro.

Longstanding alternative noise merchants with a penchant for massive hooks and glorious chorus singalongs, Biffy have built their career steadily over the last decade and are now a significant force in the British music scene. Having played Webster Hall in NYC not long ago and signed on for more significant distribution and marketing in North America, they're also taking steps to export this success across the Atlantic.

Newest album 'Only Revolutions' was released to great fanfare late in '09 and went on to be nominated for last year's Mercury Prize.It's a stirring, anthemic beast with depths that take several spins to mine and unearth, as I'm slowly finding out as I excavate its many splendours this week. Well worth a belated introduction for anyone Stateside and needing to be shaken from the fading chillwave bubble.

For more info, check out the band's website here.

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