Thursday, 28 April 2011

He Ain't Heavy: Natural Shocks for H-T-A

It's been far too long, as occasionally happens around these parts, but here's the post to shock H-T-A back into life. 

A natural one.  

The Natural Shocks

Hailing from Toronto, this trio delivers a song far less abrasive that its title suggests - although clearly it's well named in terms of this blog - with a breezy, bright melody and a good time vibe. 

MP3: The Natural Shocks -  Heavier Than Heavy
Taken from the forthcoming album, 'Complete With Comfortable Lightning - out June 9th 

Somewhere in the mix there's the more accessible edge of The Thermals - never a bad thing - with a distinct pop sheen applied to the indie rock core that propels the song. It's one of those short nuggets that could easily slot into any number of summer mixes and add to the occasion. 

With "punk", "breakneck speed", and "themes of death" all mentioned in the About section of their website, a deeper interest lies for me in where these influences will pop up on the band's forthcoming debut album. In a little over a month, we'll all be able to find out. For the moment, this healthy slice of guitar sunshine will keep toes tapping. 

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