Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Tune For Tuesday: Jónsi

A favourite around these parts for much of last year, the solo outing from Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi, Go, yielded many upbeat, synth-laden efforts alongside the singer's more naturally flowing croon. 

One of the finest examples of this is opener Go Do, a pulsing track that sets the album off at a glorious pace and showcases a more accessible, yet no less quixotically endearing side to the Icelandic singer. 

As it just got posted in Insound's latest slew of great free mp3's, I thought I'd post it as today's tune in case you somehow missed the fanfare last year...

MP3: Jónsi - Go Do (via Insound)

Taken from the 2010 album Go, out now

Buy it at Insound!


For more info, check out: www.jonsi.com/ 


haizee said...

this is lovely! lots more upbeat than Sigur Ros

zidered said...

Exactly what I thought...surprised me but really gets you going!

Thanks for reading (and digging great tunes!).