Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A Tune For Tuesday: Alejandra O'Leary

One of the great joys of the music blogger's inbox comes when, sandwiched between the latest remix of some pop song that was already shite and the latest mass mailing for a genre one has never covered, a familiar name pops up after quite some time unheard from.

Imagine my delight, then, when three new tunes from former NYC, now Michigan-based singer-songwriter Alejandra O'Leary, dropped into my lap from the digital ether.

Those who have scoured the archives, or with an eidetic memory, will recall a glowing review of O'Leary's 2009 release Nothing Out Loud. Well, prepare for some more superlatives, because these new cuts are just as swathed in charming tone and delicious pop melodies.

MP3: Alejandra O'Leary - Broken Mirror Baby
Taken from the forthcoming, as yet untitled album, 
due out later in 2011 - MYSPACE

I've plumped for this one as our Tuesday tune choice - try saying that without spitting all over the computer - thanks to the upbeat intro it's set to provide the new album. A confident, sweeping brush off to an important someone who, unfortunately, only seems to bring trials and tribulations, Broken Mirror Baby powers along on a chunky riff, neat guitar chicanery, and satisfyingly deep percussion. 

With the more melodic sensibilities of 90's Britpop on show, yet never afraid to uncover a more delicate side when the guitar reverb momentarily recedes, this track offers a pleasing range of emotion and style. Overall, though, it's  a pure cracker to kick back with a cold bevvie and take in, anticipating those brighter days that must be just around the corner. 

So download, dig, and sit tight for further posts on that new album. You can also go back and spend some time with Alejandra's debut, if you missed it first time around. Neither choice will disappoint.  

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