Thursday, 31 March 2011

Put The Video On, Eh? Will Do.

In the back of my mind, I knew I'd been sleeping on checking out the new material from TV On The Radio, a band that have graduated from mere passing interest five years ago to full on 'must listen' status today. 

After two albums I've utterly adored, not making time to preview newie Nine Types Of Light feels more than remiss, positively criminal. 


Though lacking the immediately sweet lure of Golden Age as it preceded Dear Science back in 2008, what Will Do accomplishes so satisfyingly is to demonstrate that the new album will explore the delicious intricacies of TVotR's sound. It glistens, hints, whispers the promises of their next opus in the folds of deep synthetic beats, distant brass, and a chorus that floats its way into your mind space in a most intangible manner. The video adds a futuristic layer to the song, one which wouldn't be conjured up immediately from the audio alone but which is crafted well by the director to suit the gentle swell of the tune. 

It's almost unimaginable that this band could make a misstep in what has been an experimental, adventurous career to date, with this newest material doing nothing to hint at such an occurrence. Due out April 12th in the USA, Nine Types Of Light is currently on pre-order here and the band tour North America and Europe thereafter (dates here). 

Suitably chastened, I await the full release as a straight A student eager to make up for an errant B on a piece of obscure homework. Must try harder, straighten up and fly right, etc etc.

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