Monday, 28 March 2011

MPthree: Music Processed (in) 3 - PJ Harvey

This Mpthree series will attempt to constrain my ramblings by offering up just three words, in three categories, to describe the music presented. For more info on this oddity, read back here.

A well known, perhaps revered selection today, in the form of England's ever-evolving, polymorph songstress PJ Harvey.  

MP3: PJ Harvey - Written On The Forehead (via Insound)
Taken from the current album 'Let England Shake', out now

 Buy it at Insound!

Bio: England / Mercurial / Lifer

Sound: Fluctuating / Personal / Pensive

Emotion: Defiant / Political / Inspiration

Let England Shake is also on sale for $5 this month at AmazonMP3. More information on PJ Harvey, including US tour dates, on her website

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