Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Morning Glory: Eat Brekkie With Forks Of Ivy

Often songs I come across align to a particular time of day. Somehow, a tune will float in on a cloud of serendipity and become synonymous with the activities of the hour. 

The most notable of these for me recently has been Iowa, a whisper light song from Baltimore's Forks Of Ivy, that reminds me, with a subtle nudge, to listen every morning as I begin the daily work routine.

MP3: Forks Of Ivy - Iowa
Taken from the forthcoming album Foxfeel, 
out April 19th - BANDCAMP

Part of this dawn allure, I believe, lies in its undemanding nature. The urge to listen comes more from a subtle presence on the periphery, an obligation to acknowledge the quiet, polite atmosphere that the song conjures. It's an accomplished, multi-layered beauty that somehow sounds effortless...natural.

Musically, Iowa occupies the brighter side of Wye Oak's winding introspection, turning over similar emotions for a few minutes before coming to the conclusion that there is always cause for hope. The angelic lilt of Lindsay Parsons' vocal over ethereal waves of light guitar pick up the modd, as deep, resonant percussion anchors the song in the reality of a full day ahead.

Away from attempting to confer the poetic aspects of slipping into the day with this song, the more practical side of me can tell you that the track comes from Fork OF Ivy's debut album Foxfeel, which is due out on the 19th of next month. A release show is scheduled for the 13th April at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore and, well, that's about all that's out there that I can see. 

You can also check out the title track via their Facebook page but the scarcity of other songs means that Iowa will have to be your principal guide for the next month or so. Good job they made it so deliciously addictive then.

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