Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A Tune for Tuesday: The Dirty Birds - Dreamcatcher

This week's tune comes from a band I first came across on their debut album, How The Cause Became The Cure, a little over a year ago. They charmed then, with a mixture of jazzy interludes and unabashed indie rock, so it's a pleasure to welcome back Michigan transplants The Dirty Birds and their new EP, Wasteland Blues.

The lead track from this new release, Dreamcatcher, has also been made available as a free download, hence its pick as today's selection. 

Erring very much on the lighter, hazy side of the material from their debut, this one is delivered with whisper-light vocals at first, taking on all the qualities of a (lyrically ambitious) lullaby. This sweet serenity is interrupted only slightly as the song is let off the reins just a touch in the middle, until the final crescendo of pounding drums and vocal harmonies rise to bid us farewell. 


It's an understated but no less endearing effort when compared to their past material, with a simpler - perhaps more focused - style that is extended through the rest of the EP. With bluesy tinges the band touch on the occasional Black Keys element, at least when those guys tone it down, while elsewhere the lyrical exploration is allowed full room to breath. Dreamcatcher is more an example of the latter...and quite a fine one at that.

For those in the NYC area, the Dirty Birds have a couple of February shows, firstly with lead singer Jared Saltiel showcasing some of this fine new material solo at Spike Hill on Wednesday Feb 16th (10pm), then the full band playing at the same Williamsburg location the following week on Friday Feb 25th (9pm). Free venue, so no excuses even for us cheapskates. Let me know what you think.

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