Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A Tune For Tuesday: Arc In Round

Despite the various service interruptions that have plagued H-T-A the past few weeks, A Tune For Tuesday has risen above the mess and emerged unscathed most weeks. If you'd care to peruse past selections, have a peek at this compilation tag.

Today it seemed appropriate to shine the spotlight on a band I've been passing over for many weeks despite their addictive sound, Philadelphia's Arc In Round. The delay is entirely arbitrary, having developed a backlog of great bands to feature. Now caught up, I'm happy to offer up the hypnotic delights of the band's lead track Spirit, from their forthcoming s/t album.

MP3: Arc In Round - Spirit
Taken from Arc In Round, out May 10th in US  |  OFFICIAL SITE / BANDCAMP

Sidling up on a skewed pop melody, the song veers off into a more introverted section not long in and continues to switch perspectives at will. With several layers working together, there is a confounding feeling of claustrophobia woven into the expansive sound conjured up by Arc In Round. One of the chief delights of this tune is the constant twists and turns it makes without ever losing its way to the final destination. As the track concludes, you feel both uplifted and pensive...Spirit has made you reflect but whatever decision you've come to feels like a positive one.

Arc In Round are one of a cluster of semi-shoegaze bands on the East coast managing to dredge a wall of sound and extract stirring melodies from the gorgeous sonic melange swirling beneath them. Pennsylvania cohorts SOARS - with whom the band will tour in March - and Brooklyn's own Grooms are two that spring to mind right away. It's an exciting development and one that I'd love to see burgeon into other takes on a genre that is often emulated but rarely evolves the blueprint laid out by groups such as My Bloody Valentine and Ride.

The Philly quartet have a few dates coming up and wil no doubt announce a good deal more as they approach the album release in May. Check them out if you're in these cities:

March 23rd: Bloomington, IN @ the Bishop (w/ Soars)
March 24th: Chicago, IL @ the Hideout (w/ Soars, Reds and Blue)
April 2nd: Philadelphia, PA @ The OX (w/ Grooms, Roommate)

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