Monday, 14 February 2011

Stream Away: 3 Highly Anticipated Try Before You Buys

More and more album streams are popping up shortly before albums are released nowadays, giving a great opportunity for those of us who still dig the music purchase to ensure we spend our moolah wisely. 

Three particularly worthy albums are doing the rounds at the moment, so check these out if you're looking for something to splash the cash on this week:

PJ Harvey - Let England Shake

Striding vibrantly back onto the scene with a heavily thematic return, Polly Jean's smart delivery and sass seeps into every aspect of this record. Stirring national identity in a most twisted manner, she delivers upon the album title in spades, then takes the subject matter international. 

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Streaming via the not-quite-out-of-touch-just-yet folks at Rolling Stone, the Scottish purveyors of rock expanse are touching on many sounds and influences this time around. It's early days listening yet as this only surfaced last week but still this one is jumping out of the pack already. 

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Bright Eyes - The People's Key
I don't know if I simply haven't listened closely enough to Conor Oberst's work prior to Outer South, but doesn't he sound a lot more confident these days? The middle of decade stuff just seemed to be, well, 'whingey', which after his introduction to my ears with the dissatisfied howl of Desaparecidos just wasn't my cup of tasty Yorkshire tea. 

On The People's Key, however, he sounds bold, cocksure, and the music follows suit proudly. If you're a fan of the earlier Bright Eyes stuff then do let me know if I'm missing something...either way, I'm loving where he's heading just now.

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Expect full reviews of these albums in the next few weeks. Nice to be able to go ahead and listen all for yourself though, innit? 

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