Monday, 28 February 2011

Beat Me Black & Blue, The Minutes Turned To Years

After getting all worked up about the debut album from Dublin's The Minutes this time last year, this.... then silence. I neglected to check back in and it turns out the Irish trio were still tinkering with the details.

I'd blame myself but it's really the fault of this fast flowing digital age of music. There's simply too much music running through the inbox. So, in summary, damn you internet, Napster's to blame, let's go back to the good old days of limited supply music and major label rapery. 

Photo credit: Dave Costa
Sound like anyone you know?

Incoherent ranting aside, the band are very much alive and kicking, heading to SXSW again in March ahead of the release of Marcata on May 13th. If saying it isn't enough, I offer you the following video evidence of The Minutes playing Black & Blue and Believer on Irish TV's 'Ceol ar an Imeall' programme.

So learn from my mistake and keep an eye on the band as they hop over to Texas and back again. The cracking song Black Keys will be released as a single late in March, so there's plenty to come from these chaps in the next few months. 

'Time is a great healer', or some such bollocks.

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