Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A Tune for Tuesday: Late Night Fiction Take Off

One of my objectives for H-T-A this year is to keep a better handle on what's happening over the ocean, back in my homeland of the United Kingdom. Not that my adopted land doesn't birth some of the best music, but home is where the heart is, right? Right. Left. Onwards...

With that in mind, it's rather splendid to start out on this year's Tuesday tunes with Late Night Fiction, the spiky post- type Hull rockers with whom I first became familiar last year thanks to their Horsefight single (stream below).

As promising as those early cuts were, the band's new double 'A' side, released on February 28th, sees them stepping into their sound fully. Still retaining a sharp edge, both tracks flow superbly thanks to a greater focus on the melodic part of their genre.  

The Only Way To Fly demonstrates this in the form of passionate, driving rock and carefully crafted vocal harmonies, all fused together to create an enigmatic song that feels alternately both urgent and relaxed. The curiously named To Entertain a Vertical Posture seeks out its melody in a different manner, surging and falling rapidly through guitar bursts, before settling into reflective passages that allow the band time to breathe and ponder before charging back into the fight. 

MP3: Late Night Fiction - The Only Way To Fly
For more information, visit the Late Night Fiction Myspace page

It's tough to pick a favourite, as both have their own charms and show off a particular side of Late Night Fiction's multi-faceted sound. I've plumped for the former here as it's the more immediate of the two. This is neither here nor there, however, as I strongly recommend picking up the both of them upon release, especially if the the likes of Biffy Clyro or Alexisonfire feature prominently on your iPod playlists.

The band head out on tour around the UK next month and I can only imagine they kick it up even further on the live circuit. If you'd care to catch a gig and let me experience it vicariously through your attendance, I'll be happy to shout you a Brooklyn Ale on your next visit through New York. Unlikely....though not impossible.

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