Thursday, 20 January 2011

A Tune for Thursday: Daddy Lion Roars Back Into Action

The eagle-eyed amongst you - or at least the ones that are aware of what day it is - might notice that this feature usually turns up on a Tuesday. Well, I missed the weekday this time around, yet didn't want to hold on another week to deliver to you the newest song by DC's Daddy Lion.


When I first tuned in to the music of Jeremy Joseph - for it is he behind the creation and execution of Daddy Lion's hazy, laid-back tones - it was being pulled in by the many qualities of last year's self titled EP. Surfacing early in the new year with a new track, The Scientist's Lament, it offers anyone that slept on that little gem a chance to catch on up.

MP3: Daddy Lion - The Scientist's Lament 

Though I might tend towards saying this new song is a continuation of the style laid out on the aforementioned EP, the songs on that release were so engagingly varied that no individual track of new material would be able to emulate everything it covered. Instead, it's simply fair to say that The Scientist's Lament stems naturally from its predecessors and could fit comfortably alongside the older tracks. 

Well timed for the frozen months, it immediately shines warmly with an intricate, inviting guitar line. The vocals have that same slightly distant quality that so reminded us of several 80/90's indie rock icons, as the lyrics deal with the existential quandary of one who is all too aware that "everything's just matter and I don't have the proof". The contrast of burdensome lyrics set to a breezy, bright tune with a great power to relax the mind is a fun one, giving the song room to operate on a few different levels. 
It might not be another EP of great variety but this new track gives us something to dig our teeth into, as the creative mind behind Daddy Lion beavers away in a bedroom studio to serve up another record. With full control and only a highly active imagination to battle with, it's a fair bet that we'll be hearing some more in the not too distant future. 

Roll on spring time, says I.  


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