Monday, 10 January 2011

REVIEW: MillionYoung - Replicants

As we move into the first trickle of releases for the year this week, we immediately face the increasingly familiar issue of digital versus physical 'street' dates. Longstanding H-T-A fave MillionYoung is the artist inspiring the debate today - tomorrow, Tuesday, more accurately - with the much anticipated Replicants.

Having spent a few weeks in its warm glow, I have to admit that Replicants didn't click immediately. Initially it felt a touch light weight, perhaps even stretched, unable to replicate (oops) the promising EP material that came before it over the course of a full length. Oh well, worth a try, thought I.

MP3: MillionYoung - Calrissian
Taken from the new album Replicants, out now - BUY

Well, it's hard for a chap to admit to such a thing, but I was premature. There's much more at play on Replicants than I believed so; it simply takes some uninterrupted listening and quality headphones to appreciate.

Across the various sonic pastels with which Floridian Mike Diaz paints this album, the cumulative effect of the swirling electronics, sun-kissed synths, and hypnotic beats is one of sleepy euphoria. Be it the beautifully layered atmospherics conjured by the enchanting Cosmonaut or the 80's undertones powering the title track, this is a release adding up to a sum greater than its parts.

Although there could be an impending backlash to all the hazy chillwave being crafted by minimalist artists around the US right now, MillionYoung is not one of the likely casualties of this genre saturation. The breadth of the music on show here is enough to keep Replicants growing on the listener the deeper we delve, putting it on the desirable side of the hype fence.

In the frozen depths of winter, this is an album that will transport you away to the sun-kissed shores somewhere in the recesses of your mind.

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