Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Please, Release Me: 11 Albums Kicking Off 2011

I've been somewhat paralysed from posting in the first few days of the year - only partially for reasons alcohol-related, I should clarify - due to the familiar tussle between last year's missed gems (Tamaryn, Biffy Clyro, The Radio Dept, Tallest Man On Earth, ) and the sheer volume of releases that will shortly gush from the rosters of record labels innumerable (....um, lots). 

As usual, Pitchfork comes to the rescue at this time of year with their impressive list of winter 2011 releases

Where as last year H-T-A featured a symmetrical TenFor10 pick of artists for the year, I'm cutting that to a smaller number this year. You'll see those picks begin to appear later this week but I'm unable to resist selecting eleven somethings for 2011 (possible OCD in developmental stages), so here are the H-T-A anticipated albums, in chronological order, from that sprawling list of releases (and beyond):

  1. British Sea Power - Valhalla Dancehall (out Jan 11th) | MP3: Living Is So Easy (Spinner link)
  2. Iron & Wine - We Kiss Each Other Clean (out week of 24th January) | Stream: Walking Far From Home
  3. Cut Copy - Zonoscope (out week of 8th Feb) | MP3: Take Me Over (Goldworthy Remix)
  4. Asobi Seksu - Fluorescence (out week of 14th Feb) | MP3: Trails (after e-mail sign up)
  5. Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will (out week of 14th Feb) | MP3: Rano Plano
  6. MillionYoung - Replicants (out week of 14th Feb) | Stream: Replicants (at KEXP)
  7. The Twilight Singers - Dynamite Steps (out week of 14th Feb) | Stream: On the Corner (at Spin.com)
  8. Acrylics - Lives & Treasures (out week beginning 1st March) | Video: Molly's Vertigo
  9. Grails -Deep Politics (out week of 7th March) | MP3: Dead Vine Blues
  10. Wye Oak - Civilian (out week beginning 7th March) | MP3: Civilians
  11. Grooms - Grooms (out week beginning 28th March) | Video: Dreamsucker
British Sea Power up first brings back unsettling memories of 2008, when Do You Like Rock Music? built up hopes and then fell flat on its arse, at least in comparison to the supreme beauty of Open Season. Nonetheless, I'm excited to see new music from The Twilight Singers and Cut Copy out so soon, as well as the already previewed releases slated for Mogwai and Wye Oak.

There are plenty more beyond that, so it's shaping up to be a fast and furious start to 2011. What's on your shopping list?

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