Thursday, 27 January 2011

Eye of the Storm: Death In Plains Calm the Nerves

If a submission plays more than one morning in a row - for it is the breakfast hours that tend to provide the ideal listening space for completely new music here, these days - it's most likely a lock for being written about in the following week.

Such is the curiously addictive quality of Enrico Boccioletti's creations under the formal monicker Death In Plains, that his swirling electronica has provided the soundtrack to my every bowl of cereal and swig of coffee this week.

This here vid is taken from the 2010 Mustard Polo EP, created to provide visual stimulus alongside the vinyl release of the Whirlwind single next Monday. It's a sweeping, majestic form of electronica, eliciting the occasional memory of the 80's heyday in its vocals but wrapping it up in some very contemporary, heavily reverberating synths. Somehow, through the pulsing beat and swirl of sound, it's a blissfully relaxing tune.

Further investigation of the EP from whence it came throws up a delicious range of electronic exploration, from the opening attack of Life In The Woods to the contemplative meander of Colourful. All of which provides ample reason to stream the entire effort below, then drop some coinage into the coffers of Disc Error Recordings here for that sweet sweet vinyl.

Let us know what you think. Or just speak up on what you prefer to listen to or, indeed, to eat at breakfast. Essentially, let's just say your comments are very welcome.  

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