Thursday, 6 January 2011

Down Time Distractions

If you tried to have a wander around the site here today you probably couldn't find much more than an error page, as it seems some evil monkey temporarily pulled the plug overnight. Apologies if your musical needs were briefly unassuaged....I am assured we are back to normal service now.

Sorting that out took much of the time I would have preferred to use telling you about all things good and rock, so instead I'll bridge the gap briefly with a nod to yesterday's Bright Eyes post. I still firmly stand by Conor Oberst's finest outing being on the sole album released by Desaparecidos, Read Music Speak Spanish. Thankfully Saddle Creek still has some MP3's up for grabs so that you can judge for yourself....

MP3: Desaparecidos - The Happiest Place On Earth
Both via Saddle Creek and taken from the 2002 album Read Music / Speak Spanish

Buy it at Insound!

To my mind, the overwrought frustration at suburban America and the utterly bland strip-mall culture that pervades is perfectly documented by this record. In particular it pushes Oberst's voice to breaking point and you frequently feel he's on the edge of self-combustion. The whole record is a barn storming success and one I recommend you have a dig into as you wait for the new Bright Eyes set next month. 

Thanks again for bearing with us, hopefully that's the gremlins out of the machine early and for the rest of the year now. 

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