Friday, 31 December 2010

Year End Clean Out: Highlights of 2010

Well, it's that time again. New Year's Eve is here and all week everyone from news outlets to grannies in the street have been veering disconcertingly between 2010 reminiscence and 2011 predictions. It's all what my grandma might call 'a bit of a hodge podge'.

In that spirit - and because I only really have an hour before zipping into the East Village to get a fair few steps beyond tipsy - here's a mish mash of choice cuts from the past year, in no particular order or defined category...

VIDEO: Surfer Blood - Swim

One of the first stirring releases of the year and the most rousing track therein, Swim piqued interest early on and provides one of the highlights on superb debut Astro Coast.

MP3: Beach House - Norway 

Beach House didn't wait long to unleash their mesmerising effort Teen Dream either. The bleak winter of January and February was sweetly sound tracked by this hazy, gorgeous track.

Video: Deftones - Sextape

A sublime video for one of the most ethereal songs on the best album of my year. Nuff said.

MP3: Avi Buffalo - What's In It For Me?

Care free summer indie-rock from a band young enough to still spend all their time off and enjoying it. Lucky little blighters....and a great song for the sunshine.

Video: Solomon's Hollow - Silent Film

Great stop-motion shooting to provide some visual delight to my favourite acoustic/folk song of the year. This will help your New Year's Day come down as much as Gatorade or a fry up breakfast

MP3: Sufjan Stevens - Too Much

The Age of Adz is certainly a loooong player, but thankfully it really isn't too much. Rather, it blends myriad influences into one coherent whole...gloriously.

Video: Arcade Fire - Rococo (Live at Madison Square Garden)

Arcade Fire had arguably the most successful release of the indie-rock year, making the step to the mainstream and sell out shows confidently with The Suburbs and MSG concerts. Rococo was one of my preferred numbers from that album and this version is some great listening/watching.

MP3: Wildlife - When I Get Home

An end of year highlight from a Canadian band with tremendous potential. Can't wait to hear more from these chaps.


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