Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A Tune For Tuesday: Murder Mystery

This week's pick is from a New York group that I mentioned a few months ago, Murder Mystery. Their new single Problems was disseminated in November during my jollies in Europe, so only now have I had the pleasure of catching up with its laid back charms. 

MP3: Murder Mystery - Problems
Free single offered up via the band's website. 
Check out more at www.murdermysterymusic.com

With a simple beat running underneath, the synths and singing take the main focus, gleaming in an appropriately festive manner. Although this isn't a seasonal song by any stretch; rather the music lends an optimistic tint to lyrics that are fighting the daily grind of relationships and barriers to life. The soft lilt to Laura Coleman's vocal provides a pleasing contrast to the troubled subject matter, creating a tune in which one can equally relax or wallow depending on your mood.

Unlike Mr Jay Zed, Murder Mystery feel no obligation to quantify the number of problems afflicting their respective lives. To find out, however, you could pop down to Brooklyn's Rock Shop this Friday to catch them with Bridges & Powerlines

No guarantee that they'll answer, of course, but at least you'll get some sweet, sweet tunes to gratify the ear as recompense.

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