Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Pre Winter Fires: Agalloch Return

Distinctly Scandinavian sounding - and consistently outstanding - Portland black metallers Agalloch released new album Marrow of the Spirit last week to no great fanfare. 

So little, in fact, that it almost slipped under my holidaying nose......almost.

The most widely available track Ghosts of the Midwinter Fires has a curiously prog edge, segueing eventually into a more familiar raw black metal style. Initial scribblings seem to indicate that the variety on this track continues throughout the release, taking in influences from folk to pure bloody death...oh my word. 

It's a late release but, given some of Agalloch's previous output, it certainly sounds like it could bother some heavier year end charts, including this one right here. Once Thanksgiving is out of the way I'll be scouring the old web for this one. If you have a mind open to the left field heavy stuff, you'd be well advised to do just the same. 

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