Monday, 1 November 2010

Let the Goodtimes Roll

Some folks have the travels in them, plain and simple. We all know someone who has visited more countries than we were even sure existed, with a tale to tell from each and every one of them. If they can put those stories to music, all the better.

Franc Cinelli is one such someone and Goodtimes Goodtimes is one such musical vehicle.

With a world-wise - though not weary - voice and a reflective guitar tone, Cinelli takes us on his journeys from the comfort of our bedrooms. Born in Rome, a London resident, and a New York City regular, the singer-songwriter is well placed to pass comment on the variations of life and adopts a warm, quietly powerful vocal style to do so on the self-titled Goodtimes Goodtimes album. Lead track Fortune Teller Song displays this as well as anything with a manner that wouldn't sound out of place on a Saddle Creek release.

MP3: Goodtimes Goodtimes - Fortune Teller Song
Taken from the self-titled album, out now - BUY

Elsewhere the singing comes closer to the smooth, experienced harmonies of Greg Dulli, while the instrumentation supports with a habitually optimistic tone. It's accessible but with a sublime honesty that prevents the music becoming cliched of any particular genre.

If a tale is worth telling, music is often the best way to pass on the lesson. Taking some classes with Goodtimes Goodtimes will only make you the wiser for it.

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