Thursday, 11 November 2010

Bound To Break? Say It Ain't So

Gadzooks - that's right, medieval exclamations of surprise are the new what's next - this week is well and truly kicking my arse. Thank goodness, then, for Harper Blynn and the delightful, harmonious reverberations of their newest material.

Okay, I admit I blasted some Ramones to clear the cobwebs too, but mostly the lads formerly known as Pete & J (& Sarab & Whynot...hence the name change I s'pose) have been easing me through an exceptionally busy period ahead of my European jaunt to Berlin next week.

The gents have a new self titled EP out next Tuesday, in support of which plenty of video footage and the odd freebie tune have surfaced.

As a pleasant interlude...and to maintain my sanity...I present some of these to you and advise a prompt download of the new stuff on Tuesday. You'll not regret it and it may help stave off mental breakdowns, which could prove extremely useful with the holiday season just around the corner.   

MP3: Harper Blynn - Every Impulse

"Every impulse that you have tells you to shut down."

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