Monday, 11 October 2010

Sub Aquatic Sounds: Eat More Cake Bliss Out, Underwater

I've been coming across - and enjoying - more music from home shores recently, which is gratifying after a period absorbed within my own borough here. This continues with the understated allure of London's Eat More Cake

Despite an appellation guaranteed to fuel spiralling obesity rates, the most recent track of this quartet from the capital starts out as quite the low calorie option. With a simple piano intro and almost whisper-light vocals, it builds with a complimentary acoustic strum and some understated percussion. Further in, the electronica elements that the band cite on their Myspace page make an appearance, though only in the most subtle manner. 

MP3: Eat More Cake - Underwater
Taken from the forthcoming album 'Climb The Ladder, Live The Dream', out Oct 25th 

The appeal certainly lies in this apparent simplicity, which builds slowly and winds together to create an actually quite heavily layered tune with a gratifying crescendo. On the back of this rather delectable slice, I'm intrigued to check out just how much of the purported electronica and hip-hop sound creep into the rest of their debut album, which has been garnering radio attention in the UK and can now be streamed in full below. 


For starters, I project that Underwater will prove equally alluring to your ear buds and suggest downloading it for the morning commute. With soothing vocals and a calm climb to the peak, it sounds like just the kind of music to ease one into the day.

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