Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Picture Perfect: Solomon's Hollow Debuts Exclusive New Video

Not so long ago, I had the pleasure of delving into the subtle charms of Genre Studies, the forthcoming album of Solomon's Hollow. One of my favourite slices from the release was - still very much is - Silent Film, a sedate and optimistic number with touching lyrics that warm the heart.

It is with pleasure, then, that the humble pages of H-T-A are the first spot you can view this deceptively simple video for this very tune...

Aligning well with the song's stripped down beauty, this stop-motion film (I believe...experts?) is set in black & white, following a frustrated painter who eventually finds the images he seeks within himself...sort of...ish. Hey, this is why I leave the life postulations to the right-brained folks.

If you sit back and enjoy you should certainly get a kick from the way the visuals sync up to the lush tones. Should that prompt you to delve deeper, don't hesitate to click through to Barn Owl Records or Myspace for some extra-curricular listening activity.

All of which prepares you nicely for the full release of Genre Studies on November 9th. My hope is that this still gives it a little time to register on other end-of-year lists in the blogosphere....what say you?


Anonymous said...

Very cool song, love the whole vibe this video and song give off.

zidered said...

Cheers, same here. This is one I just keep coming back to and the vid only adds to that.