Sunday, 17 October 2010

No Wars, Just Stars: MillionYoung Keeps Shining On Calrissian

With almost a year having passed here since the last coverage on MillionYoung, two things are clear:

1) Time is a ridiculously swift mistress, and
2) She must, nonetheless, be coerced into focusing her wiles on past friends of these pages. 

Basically, check in with interesting musical folks more often.

Add to this almost year long gap in coverage the fact that the dreamy Floridian's new tune, Calrissian, is culled from a 2011-scheduled release, and we have the chronologically-rooted anxiety continues to build. Thankfully this is neatly cured by simply allowing the tranquil embrace of this new song to wash over the senses. 

Taken from the  forthcoming debut LP, due early 2011 on Old Flame Records 

Containing a similarly looped, warmly warped version of the chillwave material posted previously, Calrissian also adds a more organic element to the mix. Perhaps it's the more emotional acoustic guitar lines, as the vocals are remain a distant speck on the horizon, but there's definitely an increased human touch to this track, where once the electronics took centre stage. Whatever it is, it's perfectly welcome. 

As an added benefit to this exercise in catch up, MillionYoung has several shows in NYC this week as part of the sprawling industry clusterfunk that is the CMJ Music Marathon. Although vaguely aware of the artists that will be treading the grimy stages of this fair city, my schedule is as nebulous as the hazy aesthetic of the chillwave style. 

This post also acts as my arse kicker to use that funky smartphone calendar for more than just doctor's appointments. Expect to see much, much more this coming week...but take some time to kick back with Calrissian too.

MillionYoung Tour Dates


10.20: Littlefield CMJ Showcase @ 622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn
10.20: Swan 7 Recording Recording Studio @ 268 Meserole Street, Brooklyn
10.21: ARCADE44 Presents "One Night Stand" at The Bowery Hotel (2nd floor private event space)
10.21: I Guess I'm Floating Party @ Pianos
10.22: The Sky Report CMJ Showcase @ Bar Matchless
10.22: Impose Magazine "Imposistion" @ The Woods
10.23: Flowerbooking CMJ Showcase @ Piano's
10.23: I Rock I Roll Party @ The Delancey
10.24: FMLY Party @Shea Stadium

For all forthcoming 2010 dates, check out the Myspace page. 

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