Monday, 4 October 2010

Jurassic Parc Guell: Dinosaur Pile Up Channel España

Score. That might be our worst (or at least most tenuously linked) title ever....oh well. 

The point here is that Britain's rising answer to the Foos, Dinosaur Pile Up, release their debut Growing Pains today across the 'pond' (read: big bloody oceanic expanse). New track Barceloner is also doing the rounds as a taster for the gloriously retro sounds of the new album, following hot on the heels of the recently posted video for Mona Lisa.

Taken from the new album Growing Pains, out now in Europe - BUY 

True to previous form, this is a blustering slice of alt-rock that makes no bones about loving the decade from whence Foo Fighters, Kerbdog, Nirvana, The Wildhearts and many more all sprang. It bristles with energetic drumming, urgent vocal harmonies, and riffs that race to the finish line as if chased by a rabid wolfhound.  

Part of the charm lies in the unrestrained element that places no real value on current styles or norms, instead choosing to worship at the altar of fast, melodic rock. Chances are that it you enjoy any form of accessible rock music then you'll dig this, so have a listen and pick up the album if you a) enjoy and b) have access to do so.  


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