Saturday, 2 October 2010

The City Sleeps: SOARS Find Creative Freedom At Home

Not checking one's e-mail for a few days can be a foolish oversight in this feverishly digital, 24/7 age. It may well be a key way to relax but, when there could be invites to see a band like Pennsylvania's SOARS in your back yard - at their CD release show, no less - the opportunity cost is just too bloody high. 

Mercifully for my disconnected self, the quartet will return later this month for a slew of CMJ shows. Furthermore, they're offering two free MP3's from said new album, Soars, to coax unsuspecting listeners into their brooding, stratospheric sound.


MP3: SOARS - Figurehead  
MP3: SOARS -  Throw Yourself Apart  
Both taken from the new self-titled album, out now - BUY 

Of the two, Figurehead is the more foreboding; the secluded night wander down a dimly lit road to Throw Yourself Apart's dawn stroll along the beach. The former boasts a minimalist yet pounding beat that wouldn't sound out of place on Portishead's 3, set weaving below a distant vocal that sounds almost monastic. The latter is more soothing, gently lapping in on waves of melody, with that same far off voice conveying a more optimistic air this time around.

Though visiting their nearby urban sprawls regularly, SOARS call semi-rural Pennsylvania home - as rural as an area bordered by multiple interstates can be called - and seemingly revel in the lack of creative boundaries that could potentially be foist upon them in the scenes of NYC or Philadelphia. Instead, they pursue an open, far reaching sound that speaks well of their slower-paced, imaginative home setting.

For you I offer the chance to avoid making the same mistake as myself, by listing the band's upcoming tour dates and hoping you'll 'do them the solid' (isn't that the most appalling phrase?) of picking up the debut here at La Société Expéditionnaire. Me? The H-T-A account is now connected to my phone, so amongst the umpteenth remix and release announcement, I'll catch the little gems such as this one that got away... 

SOARS tour dates:

Friday, 10/22 - Brooklyn, NY @ Bar Matchless (CMJ)
Saturday, 10/23 - New York, NY @ Cake Shop (CMJ - Day Party)
Wednesday, 11/3 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks (with Masaki Batoh of Ghost)
Saturday, 11/27 - Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brendas (with Sore Eros, Amen Dunes, Aunt Dracula)

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