Thursday, 9 September 2010

Zombify Me: The Cribs Get Spooky On New Single [video]

It hasn't been long since 2009's excellent Ignore The Ignorant caught up with me, yet here are good old Northern monkeys The Cribs, back with a new single and accompanying video. What's that they say about too much of a good thing? Oh yeah, keep consuming until you vomit. 

Housewife is the title and it's a bizarre little number, both visually and in sonic terms. All decked out in various levels of corpse paint - surely it's a crime to inflict such ignominies upon Sir Johnny Marr? - the band lurch around in a smoky space, to a reverb-laden track that's heavily reliant on the languid synth at the front of the mix. It comes across as some form of slow motion dreamscape, part 80's pop, part shoegaze, and none of the bratty punk element that fueled much of Ignore The Ignorant

Although far from immediate, The Cribs have a strong track record and a tendency to grow, so I'll be spending some more time with this one to see how it pans out.  Purchase options can be found at the new Wichita Records store

If you're new to the band, they're rarely this mopey and you'd be well advised to take in some of their earlier material first. Or check out one of my favourite episodes of Brit comedy music show Never Mind The Buzzcocks below, for some of Ryan Jarman's finer comic moments (intentional or otherwise).




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