Friday, 3 September 2010

The Way of Foo: Dinosaur Pile Up Channel Their Inner Grohl On New Video

Over in Blighty, Leeds is brewing up some rather fetching bands. This isn't anything that new, but any chance to show some love to the North of my country is grasped firmly with both hands and given an over exuberant shake.

The latest group of chancers to emerge from deepest Yorkshire is Dinosaur Pile Up, who with brazen hooks and their noisy yet melodic delivery recall Foo Fighters in their early days. You know, before they kept making the same record every couple of years. Love ya Davey, but maybe some of the creativity seeping into side-projects could be pumped back into some Foos material?

Here's the newest video for single Mona Lisa, which is released over in the Motherland on September 27th. Growing Pains is the album from whence that came and is out the following week, so prepare for that here should you diggeth. And for bonus points grab a free download of b-side Headspinner here.



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