Saturday, 18 September 2010

Sexytime: Deftones In Full Swing With New Video & BlackDiamondSkye Tour

With their new album Diamond Eyes vying for the top spot in my listening this year,  I'm obviously overjoyed to now be counting down the single digit days until seeing Deftones at Madison Square Garden this coming week. The fact that it's on a bill with legends Alice In Chains and the most forward-thinking popular metal band of recent years, Mastodon, only serves to make this a more cranium-threatening form of anticipation.

As if sensing the need for pacifying content until the tour dates, the Sacramento fellas have released a dreamy new video for their song Sextape. Perfectly aligned to that tune's fluidity, the visuals set some scantily clad nymphs in an underwater setting that veers between gentle pastels and flashes of glorious technicolour. The song is pure White Pony-era Deftones, with Chino's airy vocal sounding almost at its peak and the delicate guitar parts offsetting the more vicious sensory assaults present elsewhere on Diamond Eyes.

The BlackDiamondSkye tour itself kicked off in Chicago this past Thursday, with a little rough-yet-enthusing footage of the mighty Alice ripping out Dam That River having done the internet rounds already. Check that out below for just one more way to plug the time until the show rolls into your city.

Photo Credit: Vince Kmeron

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