Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ready Made Riddims: Dälek Man's New Project Takes Shape

There are innumerable reasons to love Newark, NJ duo dälek: the skillful crossover appeal they engender with progressive metal fans, the lonely furrow they plow from the often generic mainstream of hip hop,  the overwhelmingly dark layers of the sound, the fact that Mike Patton likes them enough to sign them to fan boy cup runneth over. 

So it was with some degree of excitement - and, yes, incredulity - that I read an understated submission for Oktopus, the complex production mind of dälek, introducing his new material as part of MRC Riddims

Only a few tracks old, this musical venture sees Oktopus teaming up with a gent by the name of Merc, also of shoegaze types IfWhen. The newest track Born Ready features vocals from John Morrison and mixes the quirky beats of Doom with the playful lyrical delivery of Cadence Weapon. There's a freedom to the sound that often comes with the experimental stage of a new creative endeavour. It's endearing and more than enough to raise interest in the next steps of the project.

MP3: MRC Riddims - Born Ready
New single track upload. Keep an eye on their Bandcamp for new monthly releases.

Spread across the Atlantic from NYC to Berlin, as well as the eclectic roots of its members across alt hip hop and shoegaze, there will be varying influences at work within MRC Riddims. Add to that the fact that the songs released will continue to be freely available and we have something interesting brewing up here. 

Watch this space. 

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