Sunday, 26 September 2010

No Country For Brooklyn: Justin Townes-Earle Sings The Blues For NYC

A recent release on regular rotation is the new one from Justin Townes Earle, called Harlem River Blues. It's a rather incongruent mix of bluesy country rock, described thus because the singer revolves his story telling around the urban sprawl of New York City, rather than small town America. And to great effect, it must be said. 

Happily this free single of the title track is one of the best on the album and is available for free just now. Or at least the cost of an e-mail address, but we all have one that collects the various newsletters now, right? Check it out and let me know if you dig it. 

I'd love to recommend you check out his tour dates, but unfortunately, as reported to me via matey blog sPikeR(!), the autumn tour has been postponed due to a trip to rehab for the singer. Hopefully he gets well soon and you'll be able to witness the live promise that the record holds.

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