Monday, 13 September 2010

Jury's In: The 'Philly Jays' Guilty Of Party Starting

For a pure rock band to stand out, they need to strut. Not in a cheesy 80's hair band way, but in a confident, "our tunes are superior to your tunes" sort of way. The sound needs to veritably swagger with that confidence, to stand out amongst the copycats and wannabes. 

Philadelphia Grand Jury - or The Philly Jays, apparently, should you get to know them - are a band that straight swagger.

From the first spin of The New Neil Young, the attitude of the Australian duo, rounded out by the recent edition of American drummer Calvin, simply ooooozes from the speakers. Slinking in on a sultry riff and suggestive beat, the band craft a simple, raw rock and roll number that latches onto the memory cells with more immediacy than Stallone on a washed up action hero. 

MP3: Philadelphia Grand Jury - The New Neil Young

As you listen to more tunes, their sound emerges as a refreshing hybrid of Jane's Addiction verve, the raw garage rock of The Gay Blades, and even a dash of Phoenix's electro-pop pulse. There's also a minimalist edge to them, showcased on gentle slices of indie like Wet Winter Holiday. The common denominator to this melange of styles? You guessed it, the cocksure attitude with which they deliver every note.

The band is currently touring the UK before heading back to the land down under for an extensive home tour. One of the tags on Last.FM suggests 'next big thing' which, given exposure from Radio 1 and a golden ticket connection to current darlings Mumford & Sons, seems more sage prediction than casual hyperbole. Snag a free 4 track EP here to see what all the fuss is about.

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